Are golf carts street legal in florida

If you’re a resident of Florida and you’re wondering if you can take your golf cart out on the street for a spin, you’re in luck! Golf carts are, in fact, legal on certain roads in Florida, and that means you could take your cart out for a joyride anytime you please. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the rules and regulations surrounding golf carts in Florida so you know exactly what you can and can’t do when driving a golf cart in the state.

Golf Cart Regulations in Florida

Golf cart regulations in Florida are designed to ensure the safety of those who use and operate golf carts on state highways, as well as those who are in close proximity to their use.

All golf carts must be registered with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, using form HSMV 83039. The registration process includes a one-time fee of $17.50 plus applicable taxes.

Drivers must be at least 14 years old to operate a golf cart on a public street and must hold a valid driver’s license. All passengers must be supervised by an adult over the age of 18.

Golf carts must be equipped with safety features such as headlights, taillights, a horn, turn signals, and a rearview mirror. Golf carts must also have a mounted flag and must always travel on roads with speed limits of 35 mph or less.

Golf carts may not be driven on sidewalks or on any roads where the posted speed limit is higher than 35 mph. Golf carts must yield to all motor vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians, and must not be operated on interstate highways, state highways, and most expressways.

Golf carts must also be driven in a safe manner. The following activities are not allowed while driving: racing, jumping over obstacles, or doing wheelies. It is also prohibited to drive golf carts under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Finally, golf carts must be insured. State law requires golf carts to have Liability Insurance or Personal Injury Protection Insurance. Proof of insurance must be kept in the golf cart at all times.

In summary, golf cart regulations in Florida are designed to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for both drivers and pedestrians alike. To ensure your safety and compliance, be sure to familiarize yourself with all of the regulations that apply to your golf cart.

Street legal golf carts in Florida have many different requirements than those that are not. Street-legal golf carts must possess headlights, brake lights, turn signals, rearview mirrors, windshields, seatbelts, and a horn. They must also be registered and insured in accordance with state law and the driver must be at least 14 years old and possess a commercial driver’s license. All street-legal golf carts must meet the weight and speed limits set by Florida law. 

Non-street legal golf carts in Florida do not require any of the features listed above, as they are intended for recreational use only. These golf carts are typically used on golf courses, private campgrounds, and other outdoor areas not meant for public use. Drivers of non-street legal golf carts do not need a commercial driver’s license and can be of any age. These golf carts cannot travel on public roads, and they are not required to be registered or insured in Florida. 

The differences between street-legal and non-street-legal golf carts are stark, and it is important for drivers and owners to be aware of the legal requirements in Florida. Failure to meet these requirements could result in serious legal consequences. It is also important to note that golf carts are not considered motor vehicles and therefore are not subject to the same regulations as cars. 

the Benefits of Using Golf Carts on Public Roads

Golf carts are becoming increasingly popular on public roads, especially in retirement communities, residential neighborhoods, tourist areas, and college towns. They provide an eco-friendly solution to getting around and offer a variety of benefits in terms of safety and convenience.

One of the major benefits of using golf carts on public roads is that they offer improved safety. Golf carts are designed to move at much lower speeds than regular vehicles, making them less likely to cause serious injury or death in the event of an accident. They are also smaller and lighter, making them more agile and easier to maneuver. In addition, the electric motors used in many golf carts are much quieter than gasoline engines, reducing the possible distractions that can lead to unsafe driving.

Golf carts also offer better environmental sustainability than regular automobiles. Because they run on electric power, they produce no emissions and require less energy to operate. This helps reduce the greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. Furthermore, by eliminating some of the need for traditional automotive transportation, they can help lower road congestion in cities and towns.

Finally, golf carts offer a great deal of convenience in both urban and rural areas. For example, they can be used to quickly shuttle people from their homes to local stores, parks, or events. This can help reduce the amount of time people spend in their cars searching for parking spots, or stuck in traffic.

Overall, using golf carts on public roads offers a variety of benefits in terms of safety, environmental sustainability, and convenience. For these reasons, their popularity is likely to continue to rise in the years to come.


As you’ve just read, the answer to the question “Are golf carts street legal in Florida?” is a resounding yes. Golf carts are perfectly legal in Florida and are actually becoming increasingly popular due to their affordability, convenience, and ease of operation. But whether or not golf carts can be used on public roads depends on the local laws, so it’s important to check with your local municipality before hitting the streets with your golf cart.

Of course, even if you’re able to legally take your golf cart onto public roads, safety should still be your number one priority. Be sure to keep all safety gear, like seat belts, in your golf cart at all times, and make sure children and other passengers understand the importance of wearing them while in the cart. Also, watch your speed and keep an eye out for large vehicles as it can be more difficult to judge distances and speed at times.

With the right precautions and understanding of the laws, golf carts are a great way to enjoy Florida’s beautiful roads and scenery. So have fun and drive safely!

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