how to lift a golf cart without a kit

Are you the proud owner of a golf cart but lack the lift kit to work on it? Don’t worry, you don’t need to invest in a lift kit to get your golf cart in the air. In fact, you can elevate your golf cart without any equipment at all! In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the steps on how to lift a golf cart without a kit safely and effectively. We’ll show you the different methods available for raising your golf cart, along with the necessary precautions you should take to ensure its safety. Follow along as we cover all the tools and techniques for transforming your golf cart into a DIY project in no time!

Assessing the Golf Cart 

A. To assess the construction of the golf cart correctly, you will need to have a basic understanding of the main components that make up the golf cart. It is important to note the differences between two and four-wheel golf carts, as when determining the appropriate lifting technique for the cart, this will make a difference in the process. Be sure you know what type of golf cart you are dealing with prior to any work being done. 

B. An important step in assessing a golf cart is identifying the suspension system of the cart as the type of suspension may affect the way the golf cart should be lifted. Generally, golf carts will either be equipped with leaf spring suspension or torsion bar suspension. Look for signs of rust or damage on the suspension components in order to assess the integrity of the system. 

C. When lifting a golf cart without a kit, weight distribution and center of gravity are vitally important. Make sure that when you lift the cart, you support it in a way that prevents it from tipping over or shifting during the lift. You should also ensure that you prioritize safety for yourself and anyone else involved in the lift. Additionally, make sure that your hands or any other body parts are not at risk of injury while lifting the cart.

Gathering Necessary Tools and Equipment 

Jacks and Stands: Jacks and stands allow you to safely and securely lift a golf cart. It is important to make sure that the jack and stands you use are rated to handle the weight of the cart. If you don’t have a special golf cart lift kit, it is best to use a bottle jack, trolley jack, or heavy-duty axle stands instead of impact jacks.

Wheel Chocks: A wheel chock is a simple device that traps the wheel of the golf cart from rolling when it is lifted off the ground. This is a necessary safety precaution that should be used whenever you are lifting a vehicle off the ground.

Safety Equipment: It is important to wear safety equipment such as gloves and goggles while lifting a golf cart. It is easy to underestimate the weight of the cart or to put too much strain on yourself, especially if you don’t know how to lift a golf cart properly. Wearing safety equipment will help to protect you from potential harm while operating jacks, stands, and chocks.

Preparing the Golf Cart for Lifting 

A. Before lifting a golf cart, the first step is to park the cart on an even surface. This ensures that the cart is stable during the lifting process. 

B. Engaging the parking brake will secure the cart in place when it is lifted. This ensures that the cart does not roll and potentially cause injury or property damage. 

C. Wheel chocks should also be placed in front of and behind each wheel. This prevents the cart from unexpectedly rolling while it is suspended in the air and ensures that the lift is completed safely. Wheel chocks can be easily purchased or constructed from materials found around the house. 

Once all of the necessary steps are taken, the golf cart can be safely lifted and the desired repairs or modifications can be completed.

Lifting Methods 

A. Using a hydraulic jack 1. Positioning the jack correctly 2. Lifting the front or rear end of the golf cart 3. Placing jack stands for added stability 

B. Leveraging a floor jack 1. Choosing an appropriate lifting point 2. Safely raising the golf cart 3. Securing the cart with jack stands

C. Using ratchet straps 1. Placing ratchet straps evenly around the cart’s frame 2. Connecting the opposite ends to a secure wall or post 3. Tightening the straps to lift the cart off the ground 

D. Using a specialty lift kit 1. Installing the lift kit components onto the golf cart 2. Using the electric winch to raise the cart 3. Placing the necessary safety devices such as jack stands 

E. Using a chain hoist 1. Securing the appropriate lifting points on the cart 2. Attaching the appropriate size chain hoist 3. Raising the cart to the desired height

Lifting Safety Tips 

A. Working with a Partner: Working with a partner is key when lifting a golf cart without a kit. Together, you and your partner should review the area before attempting to lift the golf cart, ensuring it is safe and secure to do so. Establish a clear communication plan between the two of you, agreeing on a signal or cue, such as a thumbs-up, to indicate when it is safe to lift.

B. Keeping Body Parts Clear of Lifting Points: Before attempting to lift the golf cart, ensure both you and your partner keep your arms, legs, and other body parts away from any part of the golf cart that might be used for lifting. Keeping your body parts clear of the lifting points on the golf cart will help prevent accidental injury.

C. Avoiding Sudden Movements: When lifting a golf cart without a kit, it is important to avoid sudden and jerking movements. Move slowly and make gradual adjusts as needed when lifting the golf cart. If at any point during the lift, the golf cart starts to feel too heavy or you are unable to adjust your position with ease, immediately stop and do not proceed. Seek professional help if necessary.

Performing Maintenance or Modifications 

Accessing the underside of the golf cart can be accomplished by first raising the cart. You can use ramps, jack stands, or a car lift to safely raise your golf cart high enough so that you can comfortably access the underside. If you are working on brake maintenance or changing tires, make sure to secure the golf cart safely with jack stands before you raise it. Once you have the golf cart raised, you can easily access the underside for any type of maintenance.

Installing aftermarket accessories for how to lift a golf cart without a kit, requires a bit more work. You will need to remove the existing body panels and front and rear fenders, as well as any body parts that may be obstructing the desired area. After doing this, you will then need to drill holes to attach the kit’s components to the frame of the golf cart. Make sure all fasteners are securely tightened and all components are placed in the correct locations before you lower your golf cart. Finally, the last step is to adjust the ride height and suspension setting to ensure a comfortable ride.

Lowering the Golf Cart 

Jack stands play an important role in lifting a golf cart safely. To lower the golf cart without a kit, the first step is to remove the jack stands. In particular, they should be taken away from underneath the vehicle and set aside.

Next, the golf cart should be lowered slowly. Once the golf cart is almost close to the ground, move your hands from underneath the vehicle to a position at the sides of the cart. This will help distribute the weight of the cart evenly.

It is important to test the stability of the lowered golf cart. You should ensure that the cart is firmly placed in its original position before you take it for a drive.

Finally, you should check the positioning of the wheel nuts and make sure that they are properly tightened. The cart should also be re-inflated to the correct pressure for smooth operation.

These simple steps will help to safely lower a golf cart without a kit, allowing you to enjoy a safe drive.


With the right equipment and some simple steps, you can lift your golf cart without a kit. Just make sure to be careful when lifting as it can be dangerous if not done properly. It’s also important to make sure that all parts of the process are executed properly to ensure the safety of you and your cart. Use these instructions as a guide and you’ll be on your way to safely lifting your golf cart without a kit.

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